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Our Mission Statement

Guaranteed to provide our clients full control over their services whilst ensuring a simple, easy to use service with our cloud based solution that has the power & control required by the ever growing online world.
'Just Simple Solutions' its on the tin.

Who are we?

We are a local hosting company to Hastings, East Sussex and surrounding areas.
We take care of all your website & IT needs but provide an affordable and flexible service, ensuring it's simple to get started instantly with all the tools and quality support you need for the best experience.


FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

    How does our web hosting work?

    Our services use a combination of state of the art hardware and software in the industry that makes up our cloud based solution to bring power & flexibility to the customer with scalable power depending on server loads.
    Our Enterprise Grade Hardware is configured in RAID for better redundancy within our data centres we configure a Storage Area Network (SAN) for fast restore solutions. Within the RAID we use redundant disks for better performance and redundancy to minimize your service(s) being disrupted.

    Do I need website security and an SSL Certificate?

    It’s advisable that every site have some form of security and SSL certificate. By default every site hosted with us comes with a Site Locker Website Security Lite package (free of charge) to ensure your services are safe from potential threats. You will also get a free SSL certificate for a secure connection between your clients and our servers as we know that building a good reputation with your clients is essential. Seeing as the requirements of every business and website are different, you have the option to increase the security package or upgrade your SSL certificate should you choose to do so.

    What if I already have an SSL Certificate?

    You can switch to us at any time. We offer highly competitive pricing and if you already have an existing certificate you can just import it into cpanel, we'll add any remaining validity that you have on your existing competitor SSL Certificate up to a maximum of an additional 12 months. Learn More

    Why does my domain not work?

    When you purchase a domain name you then have to setup your DNS to point to your web server. You will have to wait for DNS Propagation after you configure your domain name. This can take between 24-48 hours but the website can still be edited in the meantime. If your not sure then contact Domain Support

    What if I already have a domain name?

    You can transfer to us today or stay with your current registrar. We do offer an affordable DNS management service. So you don't need to worry. Learn More

    Do we design logo's & website media?

    On our custom hard coded websites or WordPress theme services. Then we create custom media like logos, banners or icons.

    What if I already have a website designed?

    You can still transfer your theme to us, our team can help assist in the transfer from your old host to us. Learn More

    What hosting locations are available?

    We can host your website within one of our 24 global data centres across 5 continents. You can choose the best locations for your users.

    How does our IT Support work?

    Our IT services support residential and business customers with any computer or device issues you may have, We can support you onsite or remotly across any device. You can book an on-site or remote engineer to carry any IT realted work.
    Once you have placed your booking we will be in touch to confirm the booking Learn More

    How does billing & payment work for my services?

    Our simple solutions are monthly or one off payments only.
    Web hosting can be paid for monthly or annually.
    Domain names can be purchased for a minimum period of 1 year all the way up to 10 years
    SSL Certificates can be purchased annually or biannually.
    CodeGuard, SiteLock & Email security can be purchased monthly, annually or as a short term one off payment. We give you the control over how you want to pay throughout a secure payment platform. PayPal
    You can make one off or scheduled payments and can cancel at any time. All of our services excluding web hosting cannot be refunded but only credited to your account depending on the issue. Domain names are exempt from monthly or one off payments and cannot be refunded. Domain names are exempt from monthly or one off payments and cannot be refunded.

    How does payment work & do you send payment reminders (if so when are they sent)?

    Our Web Hosting

    The first unpaid invoice will be generated 14 days before the due date. We send a second unpaid reminder 7 days before the invoice due date. We attempt to process the payment once on the due date. If unsuccessful, we send an overdue reminder 2 days after the invoice due date. If we do not receive payment 7 days after the due date you will get a second overdue reminder and you service will be suspended. If payment is not made after the last reminder (13 days after the due date) then your service will be terminated on the 14th day. 10% late fee applies after 3 days from the due date and is added to the next invoice generated.

    Domain Names

    Our Domain reminders are different to web hosting as you can only pay annually. 30 days before your due date you will get your first reminder, the second reminder is 7 days before your due date then a following 6 days later you will get your last reminder. On the 7th day if payment hasn’t been made the domain name won't be yours anymore.
    (We do not send reminders after the due date so the domain will re enter the domain pool for anyone else to purchase.)

    How long does it take for my new service to be processed?

    All our services are automated, once you proceed through checkout and your first payment is made your service(s) will be activated instantly and you will receive all the details & tools you need to get started. (Please be patient as random orders won’t proceed automatically due to routine fraud checks.)

    How does 30 money back & 99.9% up time guarantee work?

    Our money-back guarantees 99.9% up time guarantee only applies to our cloud hosting solutions (Web Hosting) services. All our other services are non refundable. We refund the service in full to the user's account balance, it will be deducted from the next payment or transaction. We will never refund directly to your bank account or PayPal account unless agreed by the billing team and after security checks have been carried out. Get in contact with our Billing Team for more information

    Does your coupon code apply?

    We have coupon codes that you can enter at checkout to receive a exclusive discount on your service. Each coupon is different their for it may not apply to all our services that we offer. Checkout the direct conditions of the coupon posted in our knowledgebase and dated with a end of promotion.

    Any hidden charges or price increases?

    Our hosting is affordable with no hidden charges. When purchasing a product from ourselves you will see a price breakdown of a recurring monthly fee & a one off setup fee. Any prices that change on our products you will be contacted 3 months prior notice to the increase as you could be charged more for the product.

    How does one off payment work for web design?

    The one off payments for our simple solutions make it flexible yet affordable.
    Example: you want a website designed and you're happy with our design proposal so we spend
    time creating your website that you're really happy with, but you don't want to pay loads of
    money for edits or security updates then you don't have too.
    That's where our managed hosting service comes in, at affordable prices.
    We take care of maintaining your website and ensuring it stays online 24/7.

    What are our simple solutions?

    Managed Hosting Services

    Our managed hosting service provides higher priority support for your website hosting or website design.
    Keeping a close eye on your service and take care of updates, backup's and secure it potential threats!

    Web Design Services

    Just Simple has a unique & bespoke development team to meet the needs of the ever growing online world.
    Our team code in raw HTML, PHP, Java and or design customer WordPress templates. Get in touch for your quote today!

    Software Installation Service

    Software installation service for your web hosting that enables you to get started with your website and build faster
    with our drag & drop web builder, WordPress, forum or e-commerce.

    DNS Management Service

    Our DNS management service makes it hassle free to get your website online.
    We can configure your new or existing domain after transfer to our web hosting and any other DNS edits you may require.


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